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RPA Safety - Introductory Drone Course (1RPA - SC)

-Receiving your first drone can be an exciting moment.

Whether you have purchased a drone just for the fun of flying, or plan to work commercially taking photographs, video, or surveying, everyone is eager to get things setup and take their first flight.

In this introductory course, we are going to teach you

The rules and regulations you need to abide by,
How to fly safely
First steps for getting familiar with your drone
How to keep your drone in good working condition.

This course is interactive and contains video, audio and images as well as some interactive quiz's and a range of templates and guides for you to use.

After this course you will feel more confident in knowing your are flying legally and safely, you will have practiced some of the professional methods for operating and controlling your drone and we will have provided you with a range of methods, tips and templates for you to continue to use in the future.
  • Flying your Drone - Safety Shortcourse
  • Additional module
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed